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FM Достоевский 348 от 15 ноября 2003 года

1. Ralph Myerz & The Jack Herren Band (Norway) "You Never Come Closer" CD "A Special Album" (Emperor Norton)

2. Optiganally Yours (USA) "Poodleman" CD "Exclusively Talentmaker!" (Absolutely Kosher)
[Totally Surrealistic Take On 50s And Sampladelica]

3. Iren Lovasz & Makam (Hungary) "Hull A Tel Haja" CD "9 Colinda" (Fono)
[Hungofolk With Progrock Hints]

4. 7-Hurtz (UK) "3 Sisters" CD "Electroleum" (Output)
[Unusually Dramatic Instrumentals]

5. Internationals (Belgium) "Bang Bang" CD "The People Love It" (Wam)
[Playful Ironic Ska]

6. Ennio Morricone & Dulce Pontes (Italy/Portugal) "Renascer" CD "Focus" (Universal Holland)
[The Queen Of Fado Sings The King Of Soundtracks]

7. Momus (UK) "Scottish Lips" CD "Oskar Tennis Champion" (Analog Baroque)

8. Los Belkings (Peru) "Condenado A Muerte" CD "Instrumental Waves 1966 - 1973" (Nuevos Medios)
[Great Peruvian Surf Beat Archive]

9. Guther (Germany) "Taglieben" CD "I Know You Know" (Morr Music)
[Breezy Female Krautpop]

10. New Wet Kojak (USA) "Something Easy" CD "This Is The Glamorous" (Konkurrel)
[The Sleaziest Side Of Indierock]

11. M83 (France) "America" CD "Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts" (Gooom)
[Between Air And Joy Division]

12. Dhol Foundation (UK/India) "Tere Bina" CD "Big Drum: Small World" (Shakti)
[Beating Indofusion W. Nat. Atlas Etc]

13. The Come `N Go (Switzerland) "Shave My Soul" CD "Rhythm `N Blood" (Voodoo Rhythm)
[Alpine Trash Screamers]

14. Lisa Gerrard (UK) "Pai Calls The Whales" CD "Whalerider" (4AD)
[Dead Whales Can Sing]

15. Orchestra Superstring (USA) "Silberstrasse" CD "Orchestra Superstring" (Dionysus)
[Punks Play Lush Lounge Exotica]

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